How Pressed Garlic Affects Health and Beauty?

Garlic is definitely a main ingredient present usually in our kitchen. This is a natural herb which belongs to the vegetable family that is onion. This is an herb which has antioxidant property. Due to its anti oxidizing nature this is considered good for our health and appearance both.

Healthy pressed garlic is added in most of the home remedy to solve several problems. Lots of problems arises ahead us when we have to take help of some home remedy and thus this is important to know ingredient which we can use for those moments.

Pressed Garlic Oil Best to Reduce

Like Neem and basils this also exhibits some miracle properties which are not present in other contents of nature.

Some primary and complex uses of garlic are mentioned below:

  • If problems arises due to improper working ear drums and fluid releasing from the inner parts then pressed garlic with hot oil can help you to remove pain and dust collected into the inner part of ear.

  • If you have problem of hair loss then this will work as magic and you definitely thanks us for such a wonderful remedy. Just take a bunch of garlic and then rub it on your scalp.

Tired Skin- Use Garlic Oil to Shine Skin

Within few weeks you can see the magic of this awesome herb. You will get soft, shiny and manageable hair with the continuous use. You can also add hot oil in pressed garlic to get good results.

  • Blemishes are normal due to tired skin and if you are facing them too then here we have good news for all of you. Turn your skin on like a shining star with pressed garlic oil and then see the magic.

  • If you are facing problems in your joints then garlic can be your best friend. You just have to mix with essential and sesame oil and then apply on the effected areas.


Need of Pressed Garlic in Food to Reduce Effect of Possible Cancer?

The expert research clearly proves that increased intake of garlic eliminates chances of cancer in human beings to certain extent. Whenever research is made by experts following factors have to be consider like causes of disease, its treatment, nutrition intake, and environmental exposure. All these factors are collectively responsible to conclude the final result of any research.

pressed garlic to reduce cancer

According to an analysis from seven most popular research centers pressed garlic when consumed daily in diet, it helps in preventing cancer and other threatening diseases as well.

Objective of study

The study was started with 10 men and 10 women of different countries. The main objective of the study was to check nutrition effects on cancer. It is true that higher amount of intake of onion and healthy pressed garlic helps in preventing intestinal cancer and stomach cancer as well.

The women who intakes garlic almost daily is 70 percent extra safer as compared to women who does not include garlic in his diet at all. If we discuss on amount of consumption then 10 g of cloves is more than sufficient in a single day.

Healthy Solutions for Cancer Effects

Why garlic?

Garlic has antibiotic and antibacterial properties that blocks the formation of cancer tissues inside human beings. It also repairs DNA cells and reduces the amount of DNA active substances that can be dangerous for any common man.

The National Health Research Center does not recommend any dietary supplement for cancer prevention instead we should intake garlic daily having strong antibacterial properties.


It is clear that pressed garlic consumption is strongly recommended and included under healthy diet only but over consumption may have cause certain side effects. So expert advice can help you if you have any confusion. In general 10-15g garlic is appropriate amount that every person should intake daily.

10 Important health benefits of fresh and pressed garlic in your life

Fresh garlic is well familiar vegetable food which are widely used for additive in cooking recipes as well as in medicine for treatment and prevention of different kinds of diseases. Garlic is belongs from onion breed. It was used by humans before thousands of years in Giza peramids. Fresh and pressed garlic is the useful ingredient which have array of use.

10 health benefits of garlic

Here we are describing 10 important benefits of garlic for health :

1. Care you hair and grow beautifully with fresh garlic :

1 care hairGarlic contains high level of allicin, conjuction with sulfur which existed in onion. It is useful to reduce hair loss problems and could stop this problems. By doing proper massage of garlic oil on scalp you can reduce hair fall problems.

2. Allicin as strong medicine value in garlic :                                                         

2 allicin valueFresh garlic is popular ingredient as cooking recipes in kitchen. Main use of garlic is for health benefits. When garlic clove is chopped, crushed or chewed at that time sulfur compound existed in garlic becomes much useful for health.

3. Make your face beautiful by reducing acne problems :

3 acne problemIt is common problem for all the people that acne existed on the face specially for woman. Garlic contains natural ingredient which cure to ban pimple, acne. It’s antioxidants kill germs and treat pimple.

4. Treat formation of clots in body by garlic :                 

4 clots in bodyFresh and pressed garlic useful to curing of blood clots formation in the body. Fresh garlic contains anti-clotting properties which are useful to treat this. Garlic is much useful in formation of clots in body proper level.

5. Prevent and cure colds by garlic :

5 cure coldBy using proper use of fresh garlic in our daily food we can prevent colds problems. It will beneficial to boost the health because of powerful ingredient existed in garlic.

6. Garlic helps to keep level of blood pressure :

6 blood pressureAllicin existed in garlic is useful to stop and reduce increasing activity of blood pressure and prevent them. Garlic contains Polysulfide which are useful to control blood pressure. Add garlic in your daily food to cure your blood pressure.

7. Garlic beneficial to remove psoriasis :

7 remove psoriasisFresh garlic contains inflammatory properties which are beneficial to remove psoriasis problems occurs on the skin. Rubbing garlic oil on affected area of skin little and relieve from psoriasis.

8. Reduce bad cholesterol level by garlic :

8 cholesterol levelAllicin properties in garlic useful to control and lower cholesterol level in the body and also maintain arterial plaque formation. Pressed garlic juice is also useful to stop itching occurs due to germs.

9. Maintain your weight through garlic :

9 maintain weightGarlic having nutritionist Cynthia Sass which are useful to control weight problems. By reducing weight it’s beneficial to reduce effect of blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol.

10. Garlic beneficial to keep away mosquitoes :

10 away mosquitoesGarlic is keep away mosquitoes from skin. They dont like to seem garlic. If you rubbed garlic on your legs and hands also on skin then mosquitoes or pesky buggers.

These all are the most important health benefits which we can cure through proper using of fresh and pressed garlic. Experts says that garlic is trust-worthy source for selenium.

How We Can Use Garlic in Our Food for Better Health?

Garlic can be identified as most important business crop cultivated throughout whole country. Indian garlic exporters uses this food product as condiment in the food preparations as well as is also utilized as a carminative as well as gastric tonic in several medicinal preparations. The dispensation for garlic is done for drying it as well as for making garlic candy. Most garlic products have broad applications in the food processing with several other industries.

With pre-processing of garlic for instance, peeling of garlic, garlic bulb separation, garlic slicing etc processing has ability to increase the profits, the production line of garlic peeling that will give your maximum profits as well as also increase competitive strength of your company.

Fresh Garlic as condiment in the food

Garlic Bulb Separation

Garlic bulb separation is the base of garlic dispensation line. Garlic bulb separation machines are designed for separating bulbs from cloves. Well equipped with the regular rubber rollers, these machines won’t harm garlic during separation process of garlic bulb. The gap between rollers may be adjusted for going with garlic having different sizes.

Simultaneously the machines are easy to work with and single person is sufficient to complete entire separation procedure with higher productivity as well as separating rates.

Peeling Process of Garlic

Peeling of whole cloves needs that its papery skin should be taken off without cutting the garlic cloves. Garlic peeling machines use pneumatic principle to peel skin of garlic clove so that it can be removed easily; defending the freshness and completeness of garlic clove that adopted garlic clove peeling without any water which makes them highly efficient as well as water-saving.

Peeling of Garlic

The rate of peeling of machine could reach to 95% with there is not any damage for garlic cloves, a machine well equipped with the auto control device and this device automatically peels garlic cloves as well as it is extremely easy to clean and operate.

Slicing of Garlic

Cutting garlic cloves is a hard process due to garlic being too small for cutting, the garlic slicing machines is presently the most superior garlic processing equipments making the cutting of garlic cloves easy. It may cut garlic with superior cutting speed as well as finished the garlic slices soft and regular. The thickness of garlic slices may be adjusted generously.

Garlic as gastric tonic in several

The garlic slicing machines are made from stainless steel with the authorization of National Hygienic Standards that can be utilized individually or with the production line.

The production line of garlic processing can be very helpful for deep procedure of garlic industries and it undoubtedly has huge market potential.

Do you know how to store garlic in safe place before it become useless?

Fresh healthy garlic exporters – beneficial to boost immune system in body

Garlic is the universal thing which are also connected with some historical stories. Garlic was used in past for protection against vampires. Garlic is not less than a wonderful herbs for health because in current era it’s much usefull for cure many types of diseases. It is existed from long time is one of the interesting things for us. fresh garlic is used for healthy purpose. However Indian fresh garlic exporter are deciding new and energizing capacities of the herb and also the important things it may give.

Here a few advantages of fresh garlic are talked about.

For treatment of cancer garlic is much helpful thing. For reducing cancer effect and boost immune system in body diallyl disulfide which existed in the fresh garlic is much beneficial as per studies. For treating papillary lung tumor garlic is also much useful. If clove of raw garlic is eaten regularly by cancer patient then it might be useful to minimizing first stage cancer.

fresh garlic

To maintain level of blood pressure from high level to normal level fresh garlic is much useful. Garlic is perceived as a strong hypertension controller and additionally this truth is being justified by the researchers around the globe today. Garlic is the own antibiotic of Mother Nature and the finest thing about this is it doesn’t discard healthy herbs. Peoples are growingly turning towards garlic as an important anti-infection.

Useful Tips :

“Apply garlic as fresh juice for using as medicine for blood pressure like squeeze one clove in the hot milk otherwise just take single clove daily.”

Indian garlic agents provides natural fresh garlic for to include in your daily food for healthy lifestyle which contains all the medicine and healthy benefits in it. It may be necessary that you purchase garlic from general shops and stores which are made through chemical it’s not good for health. In case garlic bulbs have sprouted,it calls attention to that garlic is old and it has lost its useful herbs.

Check this :

The finest method for verifying that the garlic maintain all its favorable mixes is pressing it finely and in addition includes it into your daily food. Some of people like to drink garlic juice while others contempt its taste and smell. For those much garlic described supplements that work fine and may like your regular vitamin measurements.

Normally, fresh garlic bulbs could be similar to onion bulbs however typically likewise they are fundamentally comparable. When you peel onion’s diverse layers, from garlic every day, new and in addition more successful uses are uncovered.