Need of Pressed Garlic in Food to Reduce Effect of Possible Cancer?

The expert research clearly proves that increased intake of garlic eliminates chances of cancer in human beings to certain extent. Whenever research is made by experts following factors have to be consider like causes of disease, its treatment, nutrition intake, and environmental exposure. All these factors are collectively responsible to conclude the final result of any research.

pressed garlic to reduce cancer

According to an analysis from seven most popular research centers pressed garlic when consumed daily in diet, it helps in preventing cancer and other threatening diseases as well.

Objective of study

The study was started with 10 men and 10 women of different countries. The main objective of the study was to check nutrition effects on cancer. It is true that higher amount of intake of onion and healthy pressed garlic helps in preventing intestinal cancer and stomach cancer as well.

The women who intakes garlic almost daily is 70 percent extra safer as compared to women who does not include garlic in his diet at all. If we discuss on amount of consumption then 10 g of cloves is more than sufficient in a single day.

Healthy Solutions for Cancer Effects

Why garlic?

Garlic has antibiotic and antibacterial properties that blocks the formation of cancer tissues inside human beings. It also repairs DNA cells and reduces the amount of DNA active substances that can be dangerous for any common man.

The National Health Research Center does not recommend any dietary supplement for cancer prevention instead we should intake garlic daily having strong antibacterial properties.


It is clear that pressed garlic consumption is strongly recommended and included under healthy diet only but over consumption may have cause certain side effects. So expert advice can help you if you have any confusion. In general 10-15g garlic is appropriate amount that every person should intake daily.


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