10 Important health benefits of fresh and pressed garlic in your life

Fresh garlic is well familiar vegetable food which are widely used for additive in cooking recipes as well as in medicine for treatment and prevention of different kinds of diseases. Garlic is belongs from onion breed. It was used by humans before thousands of years in Giza peramids. Fresh and pressed garlic is the useful ingredient which have array of use.

10 health benefits of garlic

Here we are describing 10 important benefits of garlic for health :

1. Care you hair and grow beautifully with fresh garlic :

1 care hairGarlic contains high level of allicin, conjuction with sulfur which existed in onion. It is useful to reduce hair loss problems and could stop this problems. By doing proper massage of garlic oil on scalp you can reduce hair fall problems.

2. Allicin as strong medicine value in garlic :                                                         

2 allicin valueFresh garlic is popular ingredient as cooking recipes in kitchen. Main use of garlic is for health benefits. When garlic clove is chopped, crushed or chewed at that time sulfur compound existed in garlic becomes much useful for health.

3. Make your face beautiful by reducing acne problems :

3 acne problemIt is common problem for all the people that acne existed on the face specially for woman. Garlic contains natural ingredient which cure to ban pimple, acne. It’s antioxidants kill germs and treat pimple.

4. Treat formation of clots in body by garlic :                 

4 clots in bodyFresh and pressed garlic useful to curing of blood clots formation in the body. Fresh garlic contains anti-clotting properties which are useful to treat this. Garlic is much useful in formation of clots in body proper level.

5. Prevent and cure colds by garlic :

5 cure coldBy using proper use of fresh garlic in our daily food we can prevent colds problems. It will beneficial to boost the health because of powerful ingredient existed in garlic.

6. Garlic helps to keep level of blood pressure :

6 blood pressureAllicin existed in garlic is useful to stop and reduce increasing activity of blood pressure and prevent them. Garlic contains Polysulfide which are useful to control blood pressure. Add garlic in your daily food to cure your blood pressure.

7. Garlic beneficial to remove psoriasis :

7 remove psoriasisFresh garlic contains inflammatory properties which are beneficial to remove psoriasis problems occurs on the skin. Rubbing garlic oil on affected area of skin little and relieve from psoriasis.

8. Reduce bad cholesterol level by garlic :

8 cholesterol levelAllicin properties in garlic useful to control and lower cholesterol level in the body and also maintain arterial plaque formation. Pressed garlic juice is also useful to stop itching occurs due to germs.

9. Maintain your weight through garlic :

9 maintain weightGarlic having nutritionist Cynthia Sass which are useful to control weight problems. By reducing weight it’s beneficial to reduce effect of blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol.

10. Garlic beneficial to keep away mosquitoes :

10 away mosquitoesGarlic is keep away mosquitoes from skin. They dont like to seem garlic. If you rubbed garlic on your legs and hands also on skin then mosquitoes or pesky buggers.

These all are the most important health benefits which we can cure through proper using of fresh and pressed garlic. Experts says that garlic is trust-worthy source for selenium.


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