How We Can Use Garlic in Our Food for Better Health?

Garlic can be identified as most important business crop cultivated throughout whole country. Indian garlic exporters uses this food product as condiment in the food preparations as well as is also utilized as a carminative as well as gastric tonic in several medicinal preparations. The dispensation for garlic is done for drying it as well as for making garlic candy. Most garlic products have broad applications in the food processing with several other industries.

With pre-processing of garlic for instance, peeling of garlic, garlic bulb separation, garlic slicing etc processing has ability to increase the profits, the production line of garlic peeling that will give your maximum profits as well as also increase competitive strength of your company.

Fresh Garlic as condiment in the food

Garlic Bulb Separation

Garlic bulb separation is the base of garlic dispensation line. Garlic bulb separation machines are designed for separating bulbs from cloves. Well equipped with the regular rubber rollers, these machines won’t harm garlic during separation process of garlic bulb. The gap between rollers may be adjusted for going with garlic having different sizes.

Simultaneously the machines are easy to work with and single person is sufficient to complete entire separation procedure with higher productivity as well as separating rates.

Peeling Process of Garlic

Peeling of whole cloves needs that its papery skin should be taken off without cutting the garlic cloves. Garlic peeling machines use pneumatic principle to peel skin of garlic clove so that it can be removed easily; defending the freshness and completeness of garlic clove that adopted garlic clove peeling without any water which makes them highly efficient as well as water-saving.

Peeling of Garlic

The rate of peeling of machine could reach to 95% with there is not any damage for garlic cloves, a machine well equipped with the auto control device and this device automatically peels garlic cloves as well as it is extremely easy to clean and operate.

Slicing of Garlic

Cutting garlic cloves is a hard process due to garlic being too small for cutting, the garlic slicing machines is presently the most superior garlic processing equipments making the cutting of garlic cloves easy. It may cut garlic with superior cutting speed as well as finished the garlic slices soft and regular. The thickness of garlic slices may be adjusted generously.

Garlic as gastric tonic in several

The garlic slicing machines are made from stainless steel with the authorization of National Hygienic Standards that can be utilized individually or with the production line.

The production line of garlic processing can be very helpful for deep procedure of garlic industries and it undoubtedly has huge market potential.

Do you know how to store garlic in safe place before it become useless?


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